Download Infowars Live stream

Opera wins Reddot Award 2018

You can download the infowars livestream after the broadcast has ended. I do
this on a computer running linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and Mandriva 2011).
Step 1 : locate the m3u8 url for the stream . Rightclick on the video window and select view frame source :

Go to the newly opened tab where i have highlighted the m3u8 data source :

Step 2: open a terminal window and with youtube-dl you can download the live stream :

Step 3: convert the live stream into a regular mp4 video file which can be panned through using a regular video player. For this you need ffmpeg. I use ffmpeg 2.5.8 on Ubuntu 14.04 :

Basicly you want to just copy the video and audio stream, and no processing of audio and video codecs. However the audio stream, which was downloaded using the native HLS downloader option of youtube-dl (–hls-prefer-native), needs to be corrected :

So according the error message in red, the option : “-bsf:a aac_adtstoasc” needs to be added. Adding this does not come with the penalty of endless computing time. It’s still just basically copying data from one file into a new file and should only last a couple of seconds :

Step 4 : Play the new video playlist-playlist2.mp4 with e.g. totem :

The browser used above is Opera for Linux version 45 which still has the embedded pdf reader inside and allows for search inside the pdf using Menu > Page > Find in page . Opera runs also on Android :